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Jack London State Park - Wine and Walk Celebration

Raise a Glass for Conservation

Join Sonoma Valley Wineries and

Wine & Walk Celebration
April 20 & 21

Observe Earth Day 2013 as you raise a glass of wine to toast the land we cherish so much during Sonoma Valley’s Wine & Walk Celebration April 20 & 21. Area wineries are donating a percentage of their weekend’s sales to Jack London Park.

Participating Sonoma wineries and Jack London Park all call Sonoma’s “Valley of the Moon” home. They share the lush, fertile land that Bay Area writer/adventurer Jack London described this way: “I ride over my beautiful ranch. The air is wine. The grapes on a score of rolling hills are red with autumn flare. This is the most beautiful land to be found in California.” It was this rich heritage and mutual appreciation for this particular part of the Earth that led to the development of the Wine & Walk Celebration.

Following a stop at those wineries supporting Jack London Park, visitors are encouraged to enjoy their winery purchases with a picnic at Jack London Park. Earth Day is an annual day on which events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. Savoring the wines that are made from the abundant Sonoma Valley vineyards combined with experiencing the 1400 acres and 20 plus miles of trails in Jack London Park is an ideal way to mark Earth Day.

The trails of Jack London Park take the traveler – either on foot, bicycle or horseback - through some of the most pristine wilderness of Sonoma County. Breathtaking views of the Valley of the Moon, ancient redwoods, an heirloom orchard, magnificent oaks, bird calls in the forest, wind in the trees and the sound of water in the stream offer an awe inspiring and contemplative experience. Jack London’s greatest pleasure may have been riding these trails – vivid descriptions of the area in his later writings  reveal his own transformation with the “cleansing bath” of nature.

Participating wineries:

Thanks to all the following participating wineries:

Participating wineries will donate a percentage from the sale of each bottle of wine sold.

Free Day passes to Jack London Park for anyone purchasing six or more bottles of wine.

One free annual pass to Jack London Park for winery purchases of $250.



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